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Keyword Ranking

With which keywords do visitors find your website in search engines?

keyword ranking

Keyword Tracking

Our system periodically checks the current ranking position of individual keywords for your website.

The online analytics tool "Free-Web-Analytics" (FWA) offers a wealth of features to support website operators and online marketers in their work. A particularly valuable function is keyword ranking, which provides crucial insights into the performance of keywords and search terms relevant to a website. The ability to automatically detect which keywords of the website exist in the top-100 results, and the daily review of these keywords, are just some of the numerous benefits this feature offers.

Automatic Detection of Relevant Keywords
One of the main benefits of FWA is the automatic detection of keywords that already appear in the top-100 search results. This gives users a valuable overview of the terms for which their website has already gained visibility. This feature is especially useful for those who want to monitor their SEO strategy and understand which keywords are already performing well.

Personalized Keyword Monitoring
In addition to automatically detected keywords, users can also enter their own search terms into the tool. This allows for individual and targeted monitoring of the keywords most relevant to their specific niche or industry. This personalized approach ensures that users can focus on the keywords that are most important to their goals.

Daily Review of Keyword Positions
The daily review of the positions of selected keywords in search results is another crucial advantage. Through this continuous monitoring, users can quickly detect changes in their rankings and respond accordingly. This regular update is crucial in the fast-paced world of search engine optimization, where positions can often change.

Clear Representation of Ranking Changes
FWA provides a clear overview that indicates whether the ranking of a keyword has improved or deteriorated. This visual representation makes it easier to understand the performance of individual keywords and allows users to recognize trends and patterns in their SEO efforts. Such an overview is invaluable for adjusting and optimizing the SEO strategy.

Historical Trend of Result Positions
The feature also includes a chart depicting the historical trend of result positions. These historical data offer a valuable perspective on the long-term performance of the keywords. Users can see how their SEO efforts have affected over time and can identify patterns that may be useful for future strategies.

Strategic SEO Planning and Adjustment
Through the comprehensive data provided by the keyword ranking feature, users can better plan and adjust their SEO strategy. They can identify which keywords are performing well and which require additional attention. This information is crucial for prioritizing SEO measures and for the effective allocation of resources.

Identification of Opportunities and Challenges
The detailed analysis of keyword rankings allows users to identify opportunities for growth and improvement. They can pinpoint areas where their website is already strong and areas where improvements are needed. These insights are crucial for developing a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy.

In summary, the keyword ranking feature of "Free-Web-Analytics" offers a variety of benefits and opportunities for website operators and online marketers. From the automatic detection of relevant keywords to the detailed analysis of ranking changes, this tool provides valuable insights that are crucial for optimizing visibility in search engines. It is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to improve their website's performance in search engines and strengthen their online presence.


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