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Visitor Funnel

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Funnel Evaluation

You can create as many funnel analyses as you like, including for past periods.

The online analysis tool "Free-Web-Analytics" (FWA) offers a rich array of features, among which the Visitor Funnel undoubtedly counts as one of the most valuable. A Visitor Funnel, also known as a Conversion Funnel, is a crucial tool for website operators and marketing experts to understand and improve the effectiveness of their website and marketing campaigns. FWA makes creating and analyzing funnels particularly user-friendly and offers a range of benefits and opportunities, which will be detailed below.

Quick and Intuitive Setup through Typeahead
One of the biggest advantages of the Visitor Funnel in FWA is the ability to create funnel structures quickly and intuitively. The Typeahead feature allows users to simply start entering the desired steps, and the system then suggests relevant options. This function saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors, which is particularly useful for those managing multiple funnels simultaneously.

Retroactive Data Analysis
Another significant advantage is FWA's ability to evaluate data retroactively. This means that users can analyze not only future data but also gain insights into the performance of funnels in the past. This retrospective analysis is crucial for understanding long-term trends and patterns and seeing how changes over time affect funnel performance.

Graphical Representation and Temporal Development
FWA provides not only a graphical representation of the funnel but also a chart that shows the temporal development of the funnel's success rate. This visual representation allows users to recognize at a glance where the highest drop-off rates occur in the funnel and how the overall effectiveness of the funnel changes over time. Such visual analysis is essential for quickly identifying areas for improvement.

Unlimited Funnel Definitions
The ability to define and store an unlimited number of funnels is another major advantage. Users are not limited to a finite number of funnels, meaning they can create specific funnels for different campaigns, products, services, or user segments. This flexibility is particularly valuable for companies with diverse offerings or those pursuing complex marketing strategies.

Improving Overall Funnel Effectiveness
Analyzing funnel performance helps improve the overall effectiveness of the funnel. By identifying where users drop out or where conversions occur, targeted measures can be taken to optimize. This could include redesigning certain pages, changing calls-to-action, or adjusting user navigation.

Long-Term Performance Evaluation
The ability to view the temporal development of the success rate offers invaluable insights into the long-term performance of the funnel. Users can see whether changes to their website or marketing strategy have led to an improvement or deterioration in funnel effectiveness. This long-term perspective is crucial for sustainable optimization strategies.

In summary, the Visitor Funnel in "Free-Web-Analytics" offers a wealth of benefits and opportunities that enable companies and marketing experts to understand and improve the effectiveness of their online presence. From the quick and intuitive creation of funnels to the detailed analysis of their performance, this tool provides the necessary insights and features to increase conversion rates and ultimately boost online success.


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